WUHAN HOOK V2 - 3D printed self-disinfecting wand

Currently seeking donations of: Allen keys and Standard Sized Lighters

[Update] We now have a post up on Instructables! https://www.instructables.com/id/Wuhan-Hook-V2-Simple-Self-Disinfecting-Wand-to-Pre/

Hey Everyone, I’m making this post so I can link people who I am asking for donations of lighters and allen keys. These are key components of the ‘Wuhan Hook V2’ which people in Wuhan made to prevent coming into contact with potentially contaminated surfaces. The hook portion is disinfected with the flame - while not perfect, it greatly reduces risk. These hooks can be given to at risk people to reduce their risk of viral transmission when doing necessary outings.

This version is based on the ‘original Huhan hook’, which I made but found the tape was not strong enough to make the hook useful for much beyond poking things. Griffin and I worked on a 3D holder for the allen key and lighter to keep the whole device much more sturdy and hopefully, useful!

We are currently seeking donations of:

  1. Allen keys (preferably 5mm and safe for flame exposure)
  2. Standard sized Bic lighters
  • If you have items to donate, please email paigecew@gmail.com or drop items off at the Make It Zone in Courtenay.

  • If you want to start making them in your own community follow this forum - we will post full instructions and design files when they are ready!

More info on the google drive:

Wuhan Hook V1: