Work Package: Audio Equipment


Future consideration: additional headphones for multiple presenters & mix-minus capabilities (so they can hear the final mix/remote participants but not hear themselves (echo).)


  • presenter and audience mics
  • wireless lav mic
  • (USB) sound capture cards (mixer?)
  • stands: full size, desktop, shock mount
  • cables
  • director mic & headphones


Google spreadsheet containing notes, estimates, etc. -> here


  • Dual XLR & USB Mics x 2 - eg Samson Q2U or Audio Technica ATR2100
    • Julian has the Samson, but prices seem inflated right now. ATR2100 reviews similarly (eg here).
  • Wireless lav x 1
  • Decision: USB + software tricks, advanced USB sound card (Scarlett or similar), or get an audio mixer now…
  • mic stands… but coordinate with camera tripods; try to find stands/mic clips that work with 1/4" 20 threaded bolts.
  • (long) cables - either XLR or USB

Potential Suppliers

  • music stores
    • Long & McQaude
  • Consumer Electronics
    • Best Buy/Staples/Amazon for gaming headset with USB, and separate mic/game/chat sound cards (ie headphones that appear to computer as multiple sound devices.)

Key Observations

From audio:

  • Prioritize microphones/audio capture devices with USB + analog (eg XLR) connections
  • Don’t forget headphones to monitor output!
  • Don’t forget to include a “director” mic for the person running the recording/stream
  • Note that many vlogger/streamer targeted hardware is specialized to be used by a single person; they can be difficult to add/use with extra microphones, cameras, etc
  • If dedicated capture cards (eg Scarlett) or mixers are purchased, be VERY careful re speccing units. E.g. does it have enough inputs to cover ALL inputs? What about mix-minus? A recording mixer really benefits from having a second output bus- see this explanation of difficulties with the Behringer Q802USB. Here is a list of recommended mixers.
  • Mic holders: full size and desktop mic stands; shock mounts
  • XLR and/or USB cabling of appropriate lengths