Video Conference Streaming


  • interactive video conference, eg for between Makerspaces
  • recorded
  • recording can be available afterwards
  • simulcast to other platforms
  • able to see chat from all connected platforms for a moderator to pass on to live attendees

Prototype will use Google Hangouts on Air- it’s free, up to 10 attendees, up to 8 hours of recording.


Googles streaming services are now all under YouTube. Which makes sense, but finding Hangouts on air (vs regular Hangouts, is not obvious.

You access YouTube live streaming options via the (legacy) creator studio.

The options under Live Streaming are:

  • webcam: use your computer’s webcam, “solo/selfie”-cast yourself; live chat with viewers.
  • stream: You create a stream name and password. You can then send YouTube an RTMP stream. When the stream is present, your channel is live.
  • Event
    • can be scheduled
    • “QUICK” is Hangouts Live(!) Can send participants generated URL. This URL can be reused, even after the event has been live and recorded. But it can only be used to record once.
    • “Custom” allows you to one or more RTMP stream endpoints. E.g. for Multicam. Looks like once a custom event is live you will have a control centre which lets you select which camera is being broadcast.

Prototype System

Hangouts On Air WalkThrough

Very useful, pointed out that there is a “live view” stream that starts when the hang out is “On Air.” Later on it becomes the recorded video of the hangout. You can get the link from the link icon at the bottom right of the hangouts page.

This live feed is what the host is seeing as their main video. You don’t see the “mini windows” from each of the participants.

Possible Virtual WebCam Drivers

SplitCam, CamTwist, WebCamoid, ManyCAM

SplitCam has nasty ads; no lower thirds (possibly could hack by a “frame”); slow (not using MJPEG stream from camera?)

WebCamoid looked great, but no overlay or lower thirds

ManyCAM demo worked, but Hangouts on Air flips the video, and no obvious option to flip the lower third in ManyCAM.