Upcoming Events

This is a list of events happening in and around the Makerspace.

Look in our google calendar to find specific dates.

Daily Themes

  • Minecraft Mondays: coding and creating games
  • ThreeD Tuesdays: CAD, CAM, 3D printing, AR, VR, …
  • Wobot Wednesdays: robots of all shapes and sizes (including micro-controllers and electronics)
  • Thesbian Thursdays: costumes, filming, cinema, role playing, social games, …
  • Freeform Fridays: set a goal, find your community and make stuff happen!
  • Super Saturdays: a rotating roster of events, eg for those that can’t make an evening session

Daily Schedules


  • 9:30am - 9pm. Sessions + member general access

Monday - Friday

During the School Year:

  • 9:30am - 2pm: by appointment- usually can be accommodated.
  • 4pm - 5:30pm: Kids only, after school sessions
  • 6pm 'till closing (usually 9pm): adult time

During School Breaks:

  • 9:30-4pm : Kids only camps
  • 6pm 'till closing (usually 9pm): adult time


These are multi-session/multi-week classes that are open to the public & members.

Our maximum class size is 8-10 participants; and we usually require a minimum of 4 students for a session to happen.

All our classes can be ‘aged up’: kids programme can be adjusted for adults!

Look in our google calendar to find specific dates.

Kids (ages 8-14)

Please note the age ranges are guidelines- we’re happy to talk with you and see if if there’s a good match between your child and a specific programme.

Kids’ Sessions are $15/hour: a four week programme is $60, a six week one is $90.

Interested in something that’s not on the list? Get in touch!

Ages: 6+

Ages: 8+

Ages: 10+

Most Ages

These sessions are usually open to the wider public, and typically aimed at teens and adults. Younger participants will be considered, with adult supervision.

Don’t forget: we’re more than happy to tailor any of the above “kids” sessions for an adult audience- just ask!

Costs: $5-$15/hour. Cost is influenced by the amount of preparation mentors need before class.

There will be discounts for makerspace members.

In Development

Ideas and requests- will be prioritized based on the number of people interested!


  • Introduction to Programming with Scratch (6+)
  • Developing Minecraft MODs (10+)
  • Lego FIRST robotics team
  • PiWars robot challenge
  • AR & VR Development using Unity (10+)
  • Wearable electronics

Most Ages

  • beginner electronics
  • intermediate CAD (Fusion360)
  • Intro to ECad - schematic capture and layout (KiCAD)
  • basic PCB design (KiCAD)
  • LoRa WAN Environmental Monitoring
  • Software Defined Radio
  • Programming in Python
  • Programming in Javascript
  • Developing GIS applications
  • Citizen Science
  • Electronics, Laser Cutters, 3D Printing, CNC, and other Automated Fabrication for Art
  • Machine Learning

Monthly Events

These are usually open to the public.
Come for one, or become a regular!
Member discounts apply.

Look in our google calendar to find specific dates.

Special Events

One time-only or seasonal events.

Look in our google calendar to find specific dates.

Team Building Events

Want to do something stimulating and unique with your team? Get in touch and we will create a session for you!

E.g. Create a lego robot with your team, laser cut unique name plates, learn about 3D printing, …


Required before members can use a given tool(s):

Look in our google calendar to find specific dates.

  • laser cutter
  • 3D printers
  • CNC
  • Woodwork tools
  • Electronics lab
  • Media lab (green screen, lights, photo booth, streaming system, cameras, etc)
  • Resin I
  • Mold making & advanced resin (vacuum pot/pressure pot.)