Supplies & Materials

Where can you get things from?

What materials can we use to make things?

What can they be used for?

How to work with them?


Places that sell almost anything, or have a very broad range of items for a specific niche


  • Plastic Pry bar: excellent for getting into electronic cases and also clearing out glue along joints


Plaster & Concrete

  • HydroCal et al - Industrial Paint & Plastics
  • Durham’s Rock Hard Water Putty.- Central Home Builders
  • Quickrete Counter Concrete - Central Home Builders; it’s inside, not in the concrete shed. Go to the contractors shelf, turn left, go towards shelves with concrete dye, and patch compounds. On the isle-end selves, at the bottom.


Useful for more than just furniture!

Moldable Plastics

Craft/Hobby Parts

  • - hobby and craft parts from wood, leather, etc. Both finished parts and raw supplies.


Activated Carbon

Greenhouse suppliers may have it.

Iritex Pumps and Irrigation can source it- ~$75/cuft (~12.5kg) + ~$50 for shipping.

Wood Working

  • Wood to Works - custom guitar and instrument supplies, exotic woods, and lots of interesting supplies. Often has good tools at good prices. Friendly staff. Courtenay store staff are wood turning experts. Have free(?) introduction to wood turning sessions.
  • Windsor Plywood - also supply wood items from <>; may be willing to do custom orders from and have it shipped with their regular orders (ie saving you the shipping.) Lots of exotic woods, and regular as well. Helpful & knowledgable staff.
  • Island Woodcraft - used to have a store in Comox; now online only. Based on Google reviews, maybe wise to arrange in person payment and pickup.
  • Home Depot - obvious, but can be surprising; does have some hardwoods as regular stock
  • Central Builders - not all stock is on website; eg they have Durham’s Rock Hard Water Putty
  • Slegg
  • DemXX - demolition supplies + new materials. Lots of live edge wood. Prices vary from very cheap to very expensive; do your research before going!
  • Saratoga Speedways: they are also a Mill. Can’t find a specific website for the mill part, but this article describes it.. Probably call the speedway and ask to talk to Paul or Dave.
  • Thomson Lumber
  • Mike Hamilton Logging - not sure if they sell finished products
  • Woodland Flooring - make real wood flooring. Offcuts are available for cheap.

Woodworking Projects

Butcher Block

Potentially a good first project.
Suggested species: Maple, Oak, Hickory; not Alder (rots quickly.) Woodland Flooring can supply pre-made slabs.

A-Frame Bookcase