Space Runner (MakeCode Arcade Project)

Things to write up

  • Some notes about making the 3D animated intro video
  • short story
  • description of the features
  • state machine diagram (you can look at MakeItZone Network Infrastructure for an example of creating a diagram dynamically)
  • code
  • highlights
    • any special areas you’d like to highlight (you’re pleased with)
    • any especially tricky things that you had to work out

Here’s the short story: (wip)

Hello! Welcome to the background story for “SpaceRunner”, a little game I made. Anyway, on to the story.

The year is 2158.
Humanity has achieved full interplanatary status.
We’ve discovered alien life, and humans being humans, we picked a fight within a couple decades of first communicating with them.
Fortuanately, there is an unofficial mutual aggreement to only send unmanned vehicles, simply referred to as “drones”, and to never attack planets directly.
We humans have fewer drones, but we always have far better pilots, using fly-by-wire, wereas the aliens have far more drones, but only some of
them have pilots (who evidently only just barely know how to fly), with most of the drones only using just enough guidance to fly in a straight line.

Our drones are only capable of taking a single hit, but they are never fully destroyed by impacts, and transmit the current location before using a warp
drive to jump away, allowing a replacement to jump in and take it’s place.
Pilots only have access to so many drones, but destroying larger drones can sometimes drop what pilots refer to as “health packs”, due to the way
they show up on screen, but they are really boxes of spare parts that can be traded in for more drones. Destroying alien drones also rewards pilots with “points”,
which is a currency that can be traded in for more drones and access to more hectic regions of space.

The weaponry used on our drones is usually a coilgun firing superheated blobs of plasma with self-sustaining magnetic fields, which have a tendency to overheat when
fired continously for extended periods of time.
When overheating occurs, the only thing to do is to wait for it to cool off, at which point the safety lockouts disengage, allowing the pilot to resume firing.
The only way to avoid weapon overheat is to fire it sparingly, ensuring that it will always be available.

Alien drones are also only capable of taking a single hit, but always explode because of it. The larger drones are capable of taking more hits, but are
nowhere near as fast and explode far more spectacularly on destruction.
The medium sized drones have an average drop rate for health packs of about 1 in 3, whereas the largest ones, which actually have fly-by-wire pilots,
and are equipped with coilguns, can take even more hits and always drop packs that are sufficient for 4 drones.