Software Defined Radio (SDR)

Cheap, Wideband receivers in a USB Dongle!

MakeItZone Equipment

MakeItZone has the following kit:

  • NoElec SmartTee SDR
  • NoElec 9-1 Balun
  • NoElec Ham-It-Up upconverter (to be able to listen to MW and SW)
  • NoElec LANA wideband, low noise, RF amplifier
  • random length of wire antenna

Hardware References

Converting NoElec 9-1 Balun to be an UnUn

Goal is to have it setup with a Raspberry Pi for remote access.

General Receiving Software

ADS-B Aircraft Tracking

AIS Ship Tracking

Tempest Attacks

In a nutshell: picking up RF interference/noise/leaks to reveal information assumed to be private.


See the contents of a monitor connected to another computer!

Seems to only work with DVI cables (with the super low cost RTL-SDR receivers.)


Fork that works on windows.


  • may have to unzip the self-executing app to use a different JVM
  • unzip to replace the EXTIO source plugin- need a different DLL to work with RTL-SDR devices
  • EXTIO plugin for RTL-SDR based dongles can be found here