Salvaged treadmill motor available

If anyone has a use for a 1.5 hp (continuous) brushed dc treadmill motor, I just salvaged one. Free to a good home. has info on how to use the controller board (included with motor)

Thanks @clintd, @LadyBrynn would love it to make a rotary sifter.

If you bring it in next time you’re doing a shift for the shed I’ll put it aside for her.


Ok, I’ll bring it over. If the 5K potentiometer thing doesn’t work with the board, I also have an old variac kicking around that might work,too

Just a head’s up. A few Variac’s output DC suitable for a treadmill motor, but most are just a variable AC hence the name Vari-AC, and would not play well with a direct current motor.

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Good point, I would have forgot about digging up the rectifier too :slight_smile:

@LadyBrynn has grabbed it. Is it for sure a DC motor? I’ve suggested she ask here for help- these are outside my experience :slight_smile:

Before anyone panics, I’m going to work on the mechanical aspects of hooking it up before I get into wiring. I would appreciate some electrical guidance from someone more knowledgeable, I’ll learn as much as I can retain. I just know treadmills take a fair bit of load and thus should have both the power and torque for my task. Some variation in speed would be nice to set up but my priority is
safe function and reliability.
@clintd:Thank you!
@bbc0: I hear you know something about electrical and mechanical projects?

I can maybe help out a little. What do you have currently and what do you intend to do with it?

No problem on salvaging the motor, I hate to see useful stuff like that going off as scrap metal. Just let me know if I can be of any help on your project :slight_smile:)