Roll/Wide-Format laminator 'Do's and 'Don't's

We have a wide-format (or roll) laminator!

It’s pretty amazing and gets SUPER hot, and likes to squish things REALLY flat, so watch your fingers when it’s on and when it’s cooling down, too. Here are a few 'Do’s and 'Don’t’s. As the 'Don’t’s are all safety related [and safety first - well, second (coffee first so one can be alert to safety concerns)] we’ll start there:


  1. … use any outlet with anything else major (laser cutter, printers, computers) plugged into it. It can share an outlet with phone chargers and other low-current devices.

  2. … touch any of the rollers while in PRE HEAT or RUN.

  3. … remove the side panels while the laminator is plugged in, or hot (if it can be avoided - and it can be avoided in virtually all circumstances other than a jam. And if a jam occurs, calmly, but quickly, turn it off and ask for help.)

  4. … leave long pieces to feed out the back unattended: they can buckle back towards the rollers and get caught in them, which makes them roll back through and will damage your pieces and is a pain to untangle.

Now that the safety stuff is out of the way, you wanna know how to work it. Please DO:


  1. … plug it in to a wall socket using the 20A extension cord…

  2. … refer to the following picture for some of the next steps…

  3. … push the PRE HEAT button and watch the red ON and orange TEMP lights come on. If they don’t, check that everything is plugged in. If there’s still no power, then ask a shop attendant to make sure nothing is wrong with the socket.

  4. … grab a coffee, send a few texts, maybe make a Facebook post or two about how awesome MakeItZone is while you wait for the orange TEMP light to turn off. It really does take a long time to get to full temp. Believe us, the TEMP light will eventually go out.

  5. … flip the feeder bed up and check the speed you’ll need for the piece you’re working with. 1 is slow, 3 is fast; the thicker your piece, the slower you want.

  6. … drop the feeder bed back down and line-up your piece on the feeder bed so it’s nice and even across the mouth of the lamination (between the big grey rollers).

  7. … push the RUN button.

  8. … carefully help guide your piece along the feeder bed into the laminator. For super long pieces, have a “friend” help catch the output at the back. Remind them it’ll be warm so make sure they watch their fingers.

  9. … allow a few extra inches of lamination to feed out the back (mostly so you can easily cut it without burning your hands) before pushing the PRE HEAT button again.

  10. … change your speed as needed if you’re laminating multiple items at once, and leave about 1" or 2.5cm of clearance between them.

  11. … press the OFF button once you’re done. Unplug the laminator.

  12. … allow the laminator to cool before replacing the cover.

  13. … enjoy your laminated stuff!