Robotic Leagues and Competitions

Leagues and Events

In general

  • BC is way behind Eastern Canada in the breadth and depth of robotics events for youth.
  • there are very few leagues for high-school graduates, and even fewer for adults
  • many leagues/events start ~September/October, ending March/April

SD71 Robotics Info

  • over here
  • both local school info + links to other organizations and events

RoboCup Junior

  • elementary & secondary age
  • not tied to a specific set of hardware => more cost control for teams?
  • more like Destination Imagination/Odyssey of the Mind? - Different categories with sub events- Roboparty, OnStage, Rescue, Soccer
  • Canadian organization - mostly Quebec/Eastern Canada; Okanagan College has a league?
  • International organization


  • Raspberry Pi must be used as the “main brain”, but otherwise open hardware => less costly for teams?
  • non-destructive challenges
  • international, but mostly in the UK?
  • widest age range-
    1. Schools and other kids’ clubs.
    2. Beginner teams.
    3. Intermediate teams.
    4. Advanced/Professional teams.
  • Main website

Wonder League Robotics Competition

  • from Wonder Workshop, creators of Dash & Dot
  • geared towards younger kids: 6-8. 9-11, 12-14
  • less competitive?
  • requires dash and/or dot
  • their stats show that their devices & format is appealing to girls
  • not very organized in Canada? Only found this article on the first page of Google results
  • main website


  • very popular in SD71. School teams earn excellent results.
  • closed platform. Vex standard kits only.
  • competitive
  • IQ is “beginner” range (more plastic, less expensive), EDR is the advanced system (more metal)
  • very large international events, catering from middle school through to college/university
  • big community, lots of resources; eg
  • main website
  • BC VexIQ league
  • Pacific Youth Robotics Society: PYRS - really large organization that promotes competitive robotics in BC; one of it’s goals is to help new teams get started


  • big, international, with different programmes for K->grade 12.
  • challenge based competition (both aunomous and remote control driving)
  • main website
  • BC League/organization - in Victoria; very Vancouver Island focused right now

FLL jr (K-4)

  • First Lego League, jr
  • requires team already has Lego WeDo 2 kit
  • registration includes a special part kit for that years challenge

FLL (4-8)

  • First Lego League
  • requires team have Lego EV3 kit
  • registration includes a special brick pack for that years theme

First Tech Challenge (7-12)

  • requires Tetrix - metal based, very sturdy, robotics kits. (but expensive!)

First Robotics Challenge 9-12)

  • believe “brain” is specified, but team basically builds a custom robot from scratch, in a very short time frame.
  • most expensive of the First programmes

World Robot Olympiad

  • international; big
  • 4 categories (regular, open, soccer, advanced)
  • multiple age groups in each
  • has the highest age of allowed participants (25!)
  • Lego WeDo for younger kids, then Lego EV3; advanced teams use Tetrix or Matrix components, and NI MyRIO or KNR controllers
  • main site
  • Canadian league