Repurposing broken LCD Screens

Repurposing broken LCD Screens

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Group Inventory

Quantity Item Who has it Is it Spare/Available for others?
1 32" LCD TV Julian maybe*
1 ~19" LCD Monitor Julian maybe*
1 or 2 ~14" LCD monitors Julian maybe*

*if it works really well, will want to keep some for general lighting/video lighting at the space.

Build Notes

Hi, if anybody has a large, broken flat panel tv to get rid of, I’d like to try making an “artificial window” out of it, like at

Please reply here if you have an old tv to get rid of

Love this idea!

I tried making a lighting panel with an old monitor, using it’s backlight. The LCD was busted, and I was sending it a VGA signal to keep it on. Was going to try and re-purpose the backlight and drivers… but gave up on that.

Never thought of just re-using the optics! And I didn’t know there was a fresnel lens in an LCD! I skimmed the video, will have to watch it in full later.

I have at least one, if not a couple, of ~14" LCD monitors that have intermittent issues. I was going to take them to the reyclers- will hold onto them so we can use them to test/explore.

I’ll put a call out in the next newsletter- would be a great couple of workshops!

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I’m glad somebody else likes this idea. The maker of that video actually has some pretty interesting stuff on his youtube channel. I just ran across that one while googling smart mirrors and artificial windows.

I ordered a few cheap, white LED light strips, but I think I may have to get some better quality lights strips locally to compare. I wonder how many watts of LEDs can go through one of those screens before cooling becomes a problem. Like you say, it might make a good workshop topic :slight_smile:

We have a few different LED strips with the DMX controllers- both RGB and white. Let’s figure out a time to do a session :smile:

My schedule’s pretty open at this point, still pretty slow with the holidays and all. I saw a little bit of feedback on these light panels online, some people say they aren’t really bright enough to light a room. I guess we should just start experimenting and see. I can make time pretty much any day in the next little while.

I watched the full video and loved the idea. I have an extra 4 metres of led strip coming at the end of the month. And 2 spare power supplies on hand. I would love to get hands on into making some of those lights rework.

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Great! I have some LED’s coming, probably on Monday, and I see a few cheap 32" TV’s on craigslist. I think we should be able to set something up very soon!

I was just watching some videos of people using programmable Neopixel strips (like at ). I wonder what they’d look like going through the monitor screen in various patterns

@clintd is basically saying “waiting on Julian to get things organized.” On it, tomorrow is scheduling day :slight_smile:

Hey Julian I have made a post on facebook market place and found some broken monitors and tv’s for this project. I will be making pickups for them this weekend. And beginning the process of dismantling. I have a couple of 12v 2amp power supplies. And have led lights strips due to arrive a week ago from china.

:star: AWESOME! :star:

Thanks for proactively doing this @Matthew_Gorham!

@clintd - did you see this?

I’ve looked at the calendar, and it looks like 10am-12pm on Feb 1st is a good time to have a first session. The GBC group will be in that afternoon, so it won’t be a problem if people want to keep working on their projects.

I’m calling it LED 'Luminations - it’ll be these light panels + infinity mirrors/infinity polyhedra.

@clintd - I’ve tweaked the thread so it starts with a project wiki page.

Well just picked up 2 screens so far. We will have something to work with. Still waiting to hear back about more.

That’s great. I have a tv or two as well, and a couple strings of LED’s, power supplies and etc. to bring too

Just picked up a 3rd screen computer monitor. If I can find-make time I will begin dismantling one.And I am still awaiting delivery for my light strips atm.

Dismantled one of the small screens today. Discovered a thick acrylic plate with top and bottom long fluresecent back lights. Looking forward to next weekend seeing what kind of light effect can be acheived.