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  • PiBakery a Blockly based visual “coding” system for configuring custom versions of the Raspbian OS. Very powerful and easy to use.

This is interesting. I just loaded Octopi on an older RaspberryPi I had kicking around so now I can cut the wires between my old Win7 machine and my Lulzbot Mini. I had never heard of PiBakery.

I like octopi alot. But I found, or rather suspect, as have others on the net, that sometimes sending g-code over serial isn’t fast enough and can lead to slight pauses in motion, lowering the final print quality on fine details. So if you notice any issues, copy the g-code onto the SD card and use octopi for control and monitoring.

I haven’t fully tested Octopi yet but the little I did with it revealed an issue in as much as each instruction needs to be completed before the next one can be carried out. Just as a test I started a print and the Lulzbot Mini began it’s startup sequence which was good so then I tried to pause or cancel the procedure and nothing happened presumably because Octopi had not complete it’s previous instruction.
My Mini does not have the SD card feature.

Today I ran my Lulzbot Mini exclusively using Octopi and it worked perfectly over WIFI no sign of any delays or problems with print quality. I printed the Calibration cube and also a benchy tugboat. I don’t have a camera on it yet but hopefully that won’t be too much more of a load.

Excellent, on all accounts!

You should be able to run time lapses without any issues. Though I can recommend the OctoLapse plugin. It tweaks the generated G-Code so that it can synchronize the photos with the print head’s motion.

I wrote up some notes from when I last set it up: OctoPi/OctoPrint 3D Printer Server.

Let us know how your new setup works out! :slight_smile:

Generally speaking the Mini is working well and the only thing I am currently having issues with is anything on the Y axis that is narrow say ⅛” wide by 2” long. It seems to catch the corner, pulling it off the bed. I have tried moving the print to elsewhere on the bed with the same results.

To me that suggests a slightly out of alignment bed in the y direction.

I don’t remember if the mini does auto bed alignment compensation, but even if it does, I’d be looking for the manual bed leveling instructions :grinning: