Projection Mapping

General introduction:

Intel Computers

  • VPT - very powerful. Interface is a little quirky. Read the instructions to save confusion! Sometimes video playback is low quality. Appears to be triggered by delays in loading the video fast enough. Sometimes solved by restarting the video or VPT.
  • Painting with Light - looks to be comprehensive and performant. Unfortunately didn’t work with latest Mac OS in late 2018, so Julian hasn’t used it
  • MapMap - free and open source video mapping system. Works on Mac, Windows, and Linux. Buggy as of late 2018.

Raspberry Pi Based Systems

  • OfxPiMapper - powerful and quite easy to use. Was the engine for the 2018 MakeItZone demo at the Courtenay Art Gallery. Based on OpenFrameworks.
  • mProjectionMap - another OpenFrameworks based system.