Projection Mapping, Large Scale Projection, Video Walls

Projection Mapping

General introduction:

Intel Computers

  • VPT - very powerful. Interface is a little quirky. Read the instructions to save confusion! Sometimes video playback is low quality. Appears to be triggered by delays in loading the video fast enough. Sometimes solved by restarting the video or VPT.
  • Painting with Light - looks to be comprehensive and performant. Unfortunately didn’t work with latest Mac OS in late 2018, so Julian hasn’t used it
  • MapMap - free and open source video mapping system. Works on Mac, Windows, and Linux. Buggy as of late 2018.

Raspberry Pi Based Systems

  • OfxPiMapper - powerful and quite easy to use. Was the engine for the 2018 MakeItZone demo at the Courtenay Art Gallery. Based on OpenFrameworks.
  • mProjectionMap - another OpenFrameworks based system.

Synchronised Playback Video Walls

i.e. multiple screens showing (different) clips that playback in sync. Not segments of a single clip made large/disjointed via multiple screens.

PC Based

  • Awesome Player (commercial, Windows) can play multiple clips in one window, or multiple windows on many monitors. Not sure if playback is synced beyond starting at the same time; ie there could be drift between longer clips???
  • DisplayFusion (commercial, windows) appears to have some features for “virtual spanning” of monitors. Forum posts appeared to say that this only works for horizontal
  • VLC has some ability to open “secondary” media files and play in sync
    • as of March 2021, it’s buggy: hard to start, requires intervention (select which video track to play in the second window that pops up), and windows re-arrange themselves when the video restarts (playing as a loop.)
  • Spanned monitors- ie multiple monitors being presented to the OS as one large screen. This is in contrast to ‘extended’ monitors- which are separate, but that the OS allows you to move windows between.
    • ie with spanned monitors, enabling ‘full screen’ will cause a window to cover all monitors, not just the monitor on which the window was on.
    • Many NVidia video cards have this feature - called “surround vision”.
    • Many AMD video cards have this feature- “eyefinity”
    • SoftTH does (spanned) multi-head in software, for DX9 APIs- maybe VLC can be made to output via DX9???
    • video players, such as VLC, will play “full screen” across all spanned monitors
    • but you have to create a single clip that is the combination of ALL the videos that you want to have played.
    • for four 1080p monitors, this is 4K playback(!)
    • Windowed, Borderless Gaming is a tool developed for live-streaming games, and removes the Windows borders around an application. Can be useful for video players when full screen isn’t working as expectecd