PnP: Makerspaces, Makers, Creators, and Innovators help COVID-19 Response

This wiki page is intended to share, figure-out, and plan what creative individuals and groups can do to help our wider communities with our responses to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The motto of this page is: PnP- Prepared, not Panicked.

One of the key things we need to safe-guard is our supplies of raw materials. Let’s not 3D print, mill, print, etc items on the chance that they might be useful. Let’s make sure it is/will be needed, and that items will work with local systems.

e.g. the emergency 3D printed respirator valves created in Italy… do Canadian/BC/Comox Valley devices use the same tube sizes?

Please add projects, designs, and other reference information to this page.

Please use the discussion thread to add comments, suggestions, rough ideas, etc. Good comment threads should be summarized and added to this page.

Open Questions

  • who to contact to find out want BC will need
  • who to contact for technical details re the above
  • who to contact re experimental solutions/short term use ideas


quick dump, needs to be sorted!

Open Source COVID19 Medical Supplies

Here’s a link I saw yesterday re: cowichan valley team 3D printing Respirator valve (http://

Contact for information to join the project.