Parksville MakerSpace is now onboard

Here in Parksville we are excited to be connected with Julian and the Courtenay Make It Zone.
Jim Bennett (myself) is President of our new Oceanside Community Makerspace Society that is about to take over full operations and responsibility for our MakerSpace in cooperation with the founding body. It is scheduled for takeover on Dec. 1 (if we are lucky). We also have 3D printing facilities and classes to both adult and youth. We have a wood working shop but you guys have nicer tools…We also have 20 internally designed micro-electronic projects for assembly and soldering by youth…so we also have soldering classes…and just added metal jewelry group that is going gang busters…And then finally you may have heard about my big interest which is model railroading…(funny how we tie-in so nicely with all the rest -except the jewelry!!!) We look forward to future joint collaboration with Courtenay.

Good to see you found our forums @ParksvilleMakerSpace! Moved this post to the announcements section, as I think that’s a better fit for the content :slight_smile:

Also, let me know if you like this forum/documentation system; if your members are interested I’d be happy to help them set up your own discourse server. It’s quite popular with maker spaces:

I’m sure there are others :slight_smile:

A little update from Parksville on March 20, 2020…we’ve just completed our first full year of operations under our new society Oceanside Community Makerspace Society. Hasn’t been easy as the facility was in red ink when we finally took over on March 1, 2019. We ended our first 12 months in the black and have a number of happy stories to share with friends in Courtenay. More later…now we’re closed to groups and operating in uncharted waters…We remain optimistic though as we’re creative thinkers one an all.