Original Windows Surface PC

Original Windows Surface PC

We have an original, cocktail cabinet, Windows Surface!


  • dual boot setup with original Vista and Windows 7
  • Windows 7 is the newest version that still works with the Surface camera DSP board drivers

To Use

  • unplug two internal USB cables
  • may need to plug in PS2 keyboard
  • turn on
  • wait for Windows to boot
  • plug in USB cables
  • run touch shell/drivers before surface experience app to enable touch sub-system


  • computer side top speaker has a power issue (loud crackling)
    • power cable unplugged
    • DO NOT plug it in while power is connected; very easy to short it out, system detects voltage issues and will do a hard shutdown
  • USB controller stops boot if USB devices are plugged in(!)
    • does this happen if external keyboard and mouse are not connected?

Other Stuff

  • SDK and drivers are on the infrastructure share
  • have a backup/new hard drive with factory image. Never plugged in; unknown status
  • BIOS password is: kEai3Y4V
  • BIOS is a custom version for MS, can’t be upgraded(?)