OBS Reference



Video capture software, primarily used for live streaming games; but can be used for many, many more things.

With some planning, it can be used as a video switcher for live and recorded events.

This is for “pure” OBS, not special versions like SLOBS.

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Key Points (to be documented)

  • default audio capture vs per scene
  • profiles (streaming settings) vs scenes
  • A vs V sources
    • some V sources have “fake” A
  • Streaming
  • Recording
  • Monitoring A output; need another audio card (test!)
  • Scene, Video, and Audio filters
  • Suggested colour formats and spaces to use: Format- NV12, Space- (BT)709, Range- Partial (aka TV). Reference - a good read!
  • Suggested NvEnc (NVidia) encoder settings- but a good reference read to understand the settings for use with other encoders too.

Essential Plugins

These plugins extend OBS in amazing ways.

Plugins Installed at MakeItZone:


NDI is an IP based video streaming protocol created by NewTech. It offers very low latency and efficient streaming across a local network. The capture and streaming server uses very little CPU.

There are clients for iOS and Android that allow devices to be used as remote cameras. NOTE: WiFi adds a lot of latency.

It’s very useful for capturing content from other computers and adding them to your stream.

It’s available as a plugin for OBS - https://github.com/Palakis/obs-ndi/releases.

You need to install it on both the SENDING comptuter(s) and the RECEIVING OBS Streaming Computer.

For the sending computers you enable NDI output from Tools->NDI settings; it will broadcast the current OBS output over NDI to the local network.

For the recieving “streaming” computer you add NDI as a source. You can add multiple NDI sources.

NDI Software

  • NewTek has free utilities for Windows & Mac
    • Scan Converter: screen/app capture -> NDI stream
    • Video monitor: see any NDI streams on the network
  • Sienna has more advanced versions of the NewTek apps: http://www.sienna-tv.com/ndi/freenditools.html

Virtual Camera Plugins

These plugins allow the output of OBS to be used as a virtual WebCAM in other applications such as Skype, and Zoom, etc.

OBS VirtualCam for Windows


OBS Websocket Remote

This plugin adds a web-interface to OBS allowing you to remote control scene switches etc from another device, eg a phone or tablet. Here for details, and here to download.


Volume Controls

Getting the right volume for a background music player vs video you’re showing in a web browser can be difficult with the built in audio controls.

Here are some more advanced software volume mixers


Browser Audio Control

Other OBS Plugins

OBS maintains a list of plugins.


Sending a stream to multiple destination services.

NOTE: carefully check the terms of services of all destination services; some (eg Facebook Live?) disallow simultaneously streaming to any other service at the sametime.


One of several services that provides multi-streaming.
Offers free and paid accounts.
Also provides a chat client that can be used to interact with multiple destinations during the same stream- eg YouTube and Twitch.


Adding fancy items, such as chat content, animations for subscriptions, etc, etc, etc.

  • Tipeeestream - free account offers a lot of useful functionality.

Other Useful Tools

On Screen Keyboard

Very useful to show what keys you’re pressing when doing a technical demo/tutorial.

  • Carnac - windows
  • KeyPress OSD - windows, commercial. Probably more powerful than Carnac
  • keycastr - MacOS
  • input-overlay - OBS plugin for Windows and Linux. Very much focused for Gamers. Allows complete control of where each key press appears on screen. Good for showing eg game controls for movement.

Keeping Windows Always on Top

  • DeskPins - lets you keep a window on top of all other windows

Screen/Window Magnifiers

It’s useful to have a screen magnifier with adjustable zoom that can be captured as a source in OBS to provide a real-time screen magnifier.


Capture from Windows

Free software.