Music/Sound/Audio Resources

Sonic Creation

Pure Data (PD)

PD (Pure Data) is a visual flow based programming environment for real-time manipulation and creation of sound. There are extensions for generating 3D visuals. Similar to the commercial MAX product from Cycling76.

Users probably want to download Purr Data (Pd-L2ork)- a variant with a newer UI and more extensions included by default.

Interesting Extensions


  • Autotalent- similar to the (in)famous Autotune, but open source




  • Captain Plugins has a great wiki on both how to do things in specific DAWs as well as music theory.

Digital Audio Routing

Most OSs don’t have a built-in way to route audio from one app to another (without going through the hardware card(s) and using patch cables.)

But it can be done all in software.

Digtal Audio Workstations (DAWs)

Virtual audio control rooms.

They generally have three key parts:

  • Digital instruments. Usually recorded/generated MIDI sequences played by selectable software synthesizers.
  • Sample based channels. E.g. recorded vocals, live instruments.
  • Audio buses. Virtual cables and audio mixers for directing the flow of audio from input channels to outputs.

Typically filters and effects can be applied to each of these parts.

Logic Pro



Sound Proofing

Song Books

Internet Radio