Meeting Notes - June 6 - building lounge area and discussion on future of the MIZ

In Attendance:
Julian, Tristan, Liam, Kelsey, Griffin, Paige, Sarah, Jonathan

1. Lounge area:

Goals: relaxing space and recording studio - simple video interviews, podcasts, streaming, etc.

Sound proofing - sound dampening frames, for air gapping**
Youth media project - may want to be involved

step 1: make appealing and lovely space
step 2: make for school camps and extended zone (ie. for filming zone)
step 3: gauge interest in other services

ie. can still be cool podcast area - also be like a hot desk type area for makerspace members

Ideas: small sound booth for sound recording - double stud offset wall

  1. paint room and add flooring!
  2. thick fabric was donated for sound proofing
  3. add in tables (easy to move) for working

2. Budget and time planning:

Julian has a lot of stuff here

When to work on this? Plan for next Saturday?

3. Income stream:
Can book the time out in the space to record, do interviews, make it in to a lovely sound room

ie. people can use their own laptop
If they’re paying for hourly service - expect a level of standardized equipment use

  • could work towards library - style model.
  • could use as a room for training courses
  • adult friendly

Other stuff:

  • sewing room
  • can have a google calendar for booking ‘quiet times’ for specific recording
  • website: update to make way more simple to navigate

Longterm structural changes:

  • electricity on the far wall for makerspace storage lockers
  • venting
  • skylights - large cost
  • commercial space
  • knock down walls for larger space - would have to have more members

To do for setting up monthly membership:

  • need to have a contract written up for members; $35/month, get X minutes on laser, X time on 3D printers, and pay for materials
  • could have membership tiers (eventually)
  • to know: membership doesn’t make as much as running classes
  • classes; good for short term income

Jonathan could help with admin duties, planning etc.
Decorating! inside! - workbee to paint the main hallway etc.

Other projects:
Networking - Job shop, trades, NIC, training program.
Organizing the Zone - QR codes for machines!! Link to forum topics

Lets set a time for next meeting:
once a month meeting in the afternoon
once a month build day (all day for who can make it etc.)

Thanks for showing up everybody!

~ be excellent to each other ~

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Thanks for all notes!!