MakeItZone Windows Setup



Windows PCs

  • one admin account
  • one user account (MakeItZone)
  • Reboot Restore RX installed
    • machines reset to baseline content on reboot
    • updates, adding programs, etc, has to be done from admin account (must disable and then reenable reboot/restore rx to update baseline!)
  • user content will be erased on reboot
  • store your data on the NAS or bring a USB drive!


RebootRestore is a both too much and too little; per reboot, not per (guest) user login; also windows and app updates

Better setup will be to have a “default” backup image, a guest account that is destroyed on logout, and to create system accounts if/as needed


Windows VMs

  • baseline backed up or snapshot used, unless short term throw away instance

Managing Windows Activation

E.g. to create a baseline VM that is deployed ready to be activated (licensed) for use.

How to Geek: How to Use Slmgr to Change, Remove, or Extend Your Windows License.