MakeItZone Schedule

MakeItZone Schedule

You can subscribe to this calendar by following this link.

Scheduling Policy

  • The online Google calendar is the true calendar- printed/pdf versions are assumed inaccurate as soon as they’re created, and are provided as a courtesy.
  • frequent users of the space are encouraged to ask for editing rights to the Google calendar.
  • please use the calendar to indicate if they’re planning on doing anything particularly loud, using most of the space, or a resource, etc: e.g. multiple hours using the laser cutter, planing/routing wood for hours, etc.
  • You do not need to add a booking to drop in!
  • bookings 3 days or more in advance take precedence over drop in use. (We can check event history in the calendar.)
    • The recording studio is a special case! Please speak to staff in advance- so we can move our dogs and otherwise minimize noise from upstairs.
  • OPEN DAYS/OPEN SESSIONS - expect noise! No attempts will be made to be quiet if you book the recording studio during these sessions. Maybe you want the ambiance? Or to practice…?
  • above all, be respectful. The calendar is for communicating, to avoid disappointing situations where someone has to miss out doing what they came to do.

Event Description Guidelines

  • vague and general is best: it’s a public calendar. e.g. “Stuff” as a title and “studio” as the location is acceptable/preferable to “Julian’s secret planning meeting for ordering cakes for his all new all cake diet”. Let’s limit information leaks and respect people’s privacy.
  • use the “location” to indicate the resource(s) you’ll be using exclusively. I.e. not easy to share while you’re working. E.g. a room, a piece of equipment (laser, router, …)
  • no location means you’ll be here, expecting to do something noisy, using different things in different rooms


  • Open Day/Open Session - lots of non-specific things happening, expect some noise.
  • mentoring - a paid, small, class is happening. Staff priorities are mentees first. Staff will try to answer member/guest questions if there is a moment to do so.
  • class - a group learning session is happening. Staff are unlikely to be able to answer any member/guest queries.
  • NOT AVAILABLE - a private session has been booked. The space is not available to members during this time.