MakeItZone FreeNas Setup




  • basic FreeNAS server

  • mirrored ZFS across two drives

  • after reboot:

    • must log into GUI and unlock storage pool
    • must restart Duplicacy (backup) jail
  • Available shares:

    • Creations
      • for member/student content
      • only kept on NAS locally
    • BackedUpCreations
      • for member/student content
      • backed up to online service
    • BackedUpInfrastructure
      • software installers, etc
      • only for admins
      • backed up to online service
    • Infrastructure
      • software installers, etc
      • only for admins
      • only kept locally on NAS
    • VMWare
      • network file store for ESXi and other VMWare software

Online Backup

Setup Notes

pkg install wget
pkg install security/ca_root_nss  #to install certificates for wget
wget <url of duplicacy executable>

Move duplicacy to /usr/local/bin.

Create a script to run duplicacy with the correct parameters etc.

Add a cron job either in the jail or in the FreeNas GUI using iocage exec <jail name> <command including path in jail>

More details on scripting Duplicacy.

Other Notes

  • Apple is deprecating AFP; they’re moving to SMB

  • FreeNas SMB can now support Apples extensions, including TimeMachine. Instructions.

  • RealTek NICs are really not supported in FreeBSD. A short-term work-around seems to be to turn off as many features as possible. I added to the list: -rxcsum -txcsum -rxcsum6 -txcsum6 -tso -lro -vlanmtu -vlanhwtag -vlanhwfilter -vlanhwtso. Only run with this until your new Intel NIC arrives! Note, does seem to be stable (survived a couple of machines doing backups) but speed is reduced to ~3-4% (ie ~3-4MB/sec transfer speeds of gigabit ethernets approximate 125MB/s (ref)