Lulzbot Mini Recommisioning

Thanks for accepting me :grinning:
Just wondering, is there anyone here into 3D printing? I just purchased a used Lulzbot mini to play with and to be honest, I don’t know where to begin. It had a Y axis limit switch issue when I bought it which I believe I have resolved, but I don’t know how to test it. Lots to learn :grinning:

You’re welcome. We have two Lulzbot Tax 3 & 4, a Moai Resin printer, an old, old Huxley, and a Prusa clone on loan (that needs fixing.) Have a couple of people that are interested in doing a 3D printer fix-up day… but I’m stretched a bit thin to organize this promptly.

If you can, come out either 10-12 (general volunteer/help the 'space session) or 1-3 (Great Ball contraption builders session) tomorrow (Saturday) and I’ll give you a tour, and see what we can get going! (ie if you’re willing to help, the quicker we can get things happening :wink: )

Great meeting you today Julian. You have some very interesting stuff going on. Thanks for the filament. I tried it in the Miini and it seemed to feed ok although the finish of the test piece it produced is very rough which most likely means that some settings need to be adjusted. I have a lot to learn.

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@bbc0 Sorry, I should’ve mentioned you’ll need to adjust the feed rate- roughly 1/4 the amount of plastic will be extruded per mm pushed through compared with 3mm filament. It’ll be rough and probably weak due to voids etc.

And you’re welcome re the filament- and thanks for coming out and helping!

Hi Julian,
How would I go about increasing the flow rate? I am using Cura.

I have tried it with the smaller filament and as you mention, there are voids.


In Cura, it’s under the materials settings.

You’ll also need to calibrate the extruder (motor steps per mm of filament driven.) Lulzbot looks to have a pretty good guide; quickly looked at it and it looks to be the same process I use on my machines. See here.

I’m thinking that in order to get started properly, I will obtain some 3mm filament. Right now I feel like I have too many variables to deal with. Once I get it printing acceptably and some confidence, then I’ll try the smaller diameter filament.
I did try changing the flowrate but for some unknown reason (to me) the auto bed levelling seem to go wrong. The nozzle had previously just ‘kissed’ the washers and then adjusted but now it is coming down and pressing on the washers, flexing the bed slightly. I have tried to find set up instructions for levelling but nothing so far. A lot to learn haha

Changing the filament shouldn’t have messed the bed height detection. I can’t remember what is used on the mini, but check for contaminates - on the end switch if it uses one for z, or drops of plastic near the capacitive or touch sensor.

You were right. When I looked at the nozzle, on the back side it had a bit of a build up. I cleaned it properly and now the problem has gone :slight_smile:

Glad it’s working again!