LoraWAN Gateway 2022


This is an updated continuation from this project.

Things Network

The Things Network is now on version 3, which requires LoraWAN 1.0+, which does not allow single channel gateways.

Although Paul and I still have TNN accounts, there are no entries for the gateways we had setup. We set up a makeitzone-ca organization; we believe we had created a makeitzone organization, but suspect it’s no longer accessible due to us not logging in for a long time and the TNN upgrade to version 3.

LoraWAN Gateways

We have updated the RAK831 to the latest 4.2.5 firmware. Also note info for the RAK2245 PiHAT

Node Setup

The AdaFruit PiHat with RFM95W no longer work with the Things Network using the example CircuitPython code. There does not seem to be a LoraWAN node stack for the Raspberry Pi.

LMIC-Node looks to be the easiest way to create a working node.

Data Packet Format

Cayenne Low Power Payload is the suggested data format to be used in data packets.