LED 'Luminations

LED 'Luminations

First Session: 10am-12pm, Saturday, February 8th, 2020
Ages: 10+ with adult supervision
Cost: $5 to cover basic costs + cost of materials used.

me infinity mirror

by D.C.Atty, on Flickr

DIY Perks-Reusing Broken LCD Panels

LEDs, reflections, and diffusion can be combined to make both beautiful and practical lighting effects.

In this community session we’re combining two projects: reusing broken LCD panels to make light panels, and making infinity mirrors!

This will be the first of potentially several sessions- with luck we’ll develop the skills to take on building infinity polyhedra.

Note: this is a community project - to participate you’ll need to help source parts. Best way to find out what the group has collected is to follow and participate in the discussions at our forum: Repurposing broken LCD Screens, and Infinity Mirrors and Polyhedra.

This will be both fun and illuminating!

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