Jewlery Classes?

Is anyone interested in silversmithing classes?

I am relatively inexperienced but learned in a DIY environment and had so much fun that I want to recreate the experience.

Thoughts? ideas?

Definitely interested!

I also have a pewter casting project that (commemorative medal) I need to get on with.

Are you thinking more of an interest group, rather than an instructor lead class? Or perhaps loosely choosing a style/skill and doing that for a few sessions?

If you’re thinking a series of classes, we’d want to figure out the curriculum and timing. There’s also a spectrum of options between these- eg we try and run a monthly intro to epoxy resins where we cover three common uses. It’s a paid class. Once people have attended they’re welcome to come back to the next session (or arrange a different time) and do their own projects (and just cover the costs of materials used.)

Let’s also start brainstorming the materials needed, tools, safety equipment, schedule, etc.

Exciting - and welcome!