Interaction Projects

References for creating devices/experiences/things that bridge between technology and experience, but with a leaning towards artistic installations.

Interactive Multimedia

Beat Sabre

VTube/Virtual Actors

A “VTuber” is someone that creates YouTube content using a virtual actor.

The software generally uses a webcam to do facial tracking to map head position and orientation, eye blinks, mouth open/closed, to a 3D generated character- in real time.

NOTE: although the technology can be used to create any kind of virtual actor, a large number of the freely available models are minimally dressed anime style females.

  • blog post about avatars and interoperability - also a good primer on the file formats (model + animations), tools to make them (eg Blender plugins), and more.
  • Avatar Model Resource List - another list of formats, tools, artists, etc
  • VroidHub - avatar designs
  • Neos VR - VR metaverse (imaginary/online world(s))
  • VTuber Apps:
    • VUP - seems to be most featured; can select camera
    • 3tene - best set of animations for Dungeons and Dragons; no obvious way to select which camera to use
    • Wakaru - not as powerful as above; does list cameras, but only allows a short list. Nice that it shows the OpenPose(?) recognized key points.

XR - Augmented (AR) and Virtual (VR) Reality


Projection Mapping

Live Streaming

3D Modelling

Photography and Videography

Control Networks

Ways of sending messages from device to device to synchronize activities- eg lights (ArtNET or DMX), music (MIDI), and motion (OSC).