Hornby Spark Open House June 19th and Tour Video

Hi everyone,
I want to share with you a project I have been working on for a long time and am very pleased to be taking it into a new phase… On May 31st we took possession of the old Hornby Island Fire hall and are opening a Makerspace on Hornby Island “The Hornby Spark” aka the Spark Hall

Here is a quick little pre tour of the space.

I know our open house is happening on a week day, however we would like to extend a hearty invitation to anyone that would like to make the journey :slight_smile:

That’s awesome @Q_Parker!

Will you be doing any live video streams (eg YouTube or Twitch)?

Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it over that day, but may have a family member on Hornby around that time; I’ll ask if they can work in a visit around their work schedule.

And when you have a moment, please do get in touch; I’d like to see our local makerspaces connect where possible- from videoconferencing sessions and events (eg robotics meetups, etc- we’ve done a couple of things like this with Oceanside in Parksville), to “visitor privileges” when members are travelling. e.g. if a member of Spark is visiting Courtenay they’d be able to use our laser cutter at our member rates (they’d still need to attend a training session, or have one of our qualified members help them run it.) And also group buys of components and resources.

Also, please send me your facebook and instagram accounts - to make sure I link to the right ones :slight_smile:

Anyway, congratulations again, and please do get in touch!

One more thing @Q_Parker - I just found out about this microbit giveaway - I’ve (presumptively) mentioned the possibility of helping/running a microbit code camp with SparQ and/or Oceanside remotely. It’s a genuine offer; I’ll also be on Hornby for about a week towards the end of July and should be able to make sometime to help (if you need it :wink: ). But if you get this message in time, I encourage you to make your own entry!!!

And if we’re lucky enough to be selected, and you’re interested, we can figure out something that works for both 'spaces :slight_smile: