Fusion360 Tips

User Settings

General Selection

  • hold down left click -> selection set; eg to select parents, overlapping items, etc


  • ctrl click -> no inferred constraint
  • sketch curve (item in a sketch) vs a sketch (which contains the sketch curves)
  • box selection
    • top left -> bottom right : only include things fully enclosed
    • bottom right -> top left : any things TOUCHING the bounding box
  • dimensioning
    • tab key to move between text fields
    • when editing a text field, can click on another edge’s dimension to use it to calculate the new dimension
    • driving vs driven (can’t over constrain a sketch/feature)
  • sometimes better to put fillet’s in sketches than as a later 3D feature. Can avoid some incalculable surfaces (which Fusion360 will disallow.)
  • to scale the way you expect, move the sketch to the origin
  • project -> surface (from sketch)
  • project -> sketch (from surface)
  • construction panes and construction lines are super useful
  • importing external files (eg DXF, SVG) will be drawn in GREEN -> fixed constraints
    • use the menu -> unfix
  • drawing things to scale from a reference picture
    • import a JPEG image, attache to a canvas and scale to correct dimensions
    • very useful to include a ruler or other reference in your photograph
  • point/line shape and colour meanings:

    image copied from this useful discussion: https://forums.autodesk.com/t5/fusion-360-design-validate/point-color-meanings/td-p/7974121.
  • PDF version of the symbols/colours

Complex Topology/Surface Modelling