Escape from Minecatraz! Program a Minecraft Adventure Game!

We’ll play a custom Minecraft adventure map- Escape from Minecatraz!- then take it apart and learn how it works. We’ll look at the Minecraft Scoreboard system, and how to make puzzles with Redstone and command blocks. Then how to program advanced puzzles using ComputerCraft and the Lua programming language.

Ages 10+. Max 10 participants. Requires a Minecraft JAVA edition account (not Windows 10, console, tablet, or phone versions.)

You can check the type of Minecraft account by logging into; if you have Minecraft Java Edition listed as an owned product, you’re good to go.

Parents: come 15 minutes early and we’ll do a tour of the makerspace. Stay and make use of our fast internet; Bring a project and use of our craft room!

Half Day Schedule

Time Topics
15 Explore Minecatraz
15 discuss puzzles, scoreboards, Redstone, CommandBlocks, ComputerCraft, adventure vs creative modes
15 brainstorming your story and puzzles (mind mapping- paper or Freeplane)
15 — break time —
30 creating a scoreboard, adding goals for the player, Redstone clocks, commandblock tests, command block chains, redstone activated doors
15 First Lua program: redstone interface & asking the player questions
15 — break/snack time —
45 build your adventure!
15 Share your adventure & wrap up

Learning Goals

Half day session

  • Intro to using Minecraft MODs (using MultiMC)
  • idea collection (mind mapping with Freeplane)
  • project decomposition: breaking the goal into actionable pieces
  • logical thinking
  • spatial thinking
  • creating puzzles
  • basic Minecraft scoreboards
  • programming: intro to redstone, intro to CommandBlocks, intro to Lua (ComputerCraft)
  • Time permitting: intro to the MicroBit mini computer

Full course adds

  • Advanced Minecraft Mod Management (using MultiMC)
  • 3D Design tools for advanced MineCraft world design (World Edit, 3D clipart, TinkerCAD, MCEdit)
  • more Redstone & CommandBlocks
  • intermediate Lua
  • advanced score keeping (tags)
  • sharing MineCraft Worlds
  • storyboarding (with Storyboarder?)
  • Making a video promo/walkthrough of your world (ReplayMod, HitFilm video editor)
  • Building a custom physical game controller using MicroBits & the Python programming language



Adenture Mode


Command Blocks


Computers inside MineCraft!

They look like computers, and when you interact with them, a screen pops up and you can run programs, explore them, even write your own code. The code you write is in Lua, an easy to use scripting language.

They can even be connected to each other so that operations on one computer can be detected in your programs running on another computer inside the MineCraft world.

Some further features to be added to the course notes: