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Battery Tester

Bought from Canadian Tire, better than many other cheap battery testers as it includes a dummy load.

The back of the box has more information than the instructions!

An example marginal battery on another cheap tester that (probably) doesn’t have a dummy load. It registers as marginal-good:

On the tester with a dummy load appropriate for an AA cell. Shows as more marginal:

Switching to a dummy load for a C cell. Shows as bad.

The load is probably too low to be really indicative, but it’s better than a straight volt meter.




Moved to EDA/ECAD Reference.

Nichrome Wire

Germanium Diodes (eg for Crystal Radios)

Germanium diodes, like the IN34(A), are becoming rare. They are often cited as the heart of AM crystal (ie battery-less) radios.

Potential alternatives include BAT-46 Schottky diodes, or utilizing (J)FET junctions- eg http://iq-technologies.net/projects/rf/029/index.html.

Saw this really well written article about RGB LEDs on the Vancouver Hackspace forum:

Well worth a read!