Document: Streaming Provider Requirements

Streaming Providers

Given the hardware and software is available, where should the content be sent?

Streaming providers need to be selected that meet our audience(s). Examples include YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Zoom, BlueJeans, Jitsi, etc.

Care must be taken to meet the providers terms of service. For example, some (all?) Facebook live streams do not allow any simulcasting on other services.

And to understand content ownership and availability. As an example, Twitch only keeps streams available for a limited time; they can stay forever on YouTube.

As well, we may want to invest in finding and cataloging some open source music, background images, etc, or licensing same, for use in live streams and recorded/edited content.

Key Observations

  • Key streaming providers need to be identified and their terms of service carefully reviewed
  • These requirements need to be clearly communicated to users of the system
  • If simulcasting is to be done, consideration has to be given as to if this is to be done by a separate service (eg ReStream) or via options provided by the video conferencing providers. For example Zoom can simulcast conference calls directly to YouTube.
  • Clear privacy policies and declarations need to be developed, both for presenters and also audience members
  • Protocols need to be developed to communicate privacy protocols- e.g. areas enclosed in red tape will be on camera. Surrounding areas may be picked up by microphones
  • Clear policies and training needs to be developed with regard to fair use and legal licensing of images/videos/music/video game play throughs, etc