Document: Lighting Requirements


Most recording will be done in an indoor setting, and will want a professional, energetic feel. As well, there may be a need to clearly and accurately communicate color coded items (eg resistor color codes.)

Recommend 5600k high CRI (color rendering index) lighting.

USB powered is recommended- can be used with wall adapters and standard USB battery packs.

Diffusers and reflectors are highly recommended. Some color gels would be useful.

A portable chroma key screen is highly recommended- both green and blue screens. See this article and this one for tips.

There will be a need for a range of mounting options - from 1/4 20 pan heads on posts, to tripods and flex pods.

Some suggestions: Lumecube for highly portable, higher end lighting (especially the Lumecube 2 (review)), to budget systems such as this.

Key Observations

  • 5600k high CRI lighting
  • Multiple mounting options: full tripods, desk/flexible tripods, 1/4" 20 pan heads (permanent mounts on walls/columns)
  • Diffusers and reflectors
  • Portable chroma screen stand
  • Green and blue screen backdrops
  • Nice to have: color gels