DMX Light Control



As part of the massive donation by Shaun M. we now have a working DMX controller and several receivers:

  • Nicole Audie SLES-IP1 network connected DMX controller
    • older model, works with the “ESA Old” version of their DMX software
  • Elation Pro DP-DMX20L
    • 4 channel mains dimmer/switcher
  • PX24500 RGB LED driver
    • 3 channel RGB controller
    • NOTES
      • don’t set address to 0
      • “on” for address switches is as per the marking on the DIP switch. Upside down to the way things look in the manual.
  • unbranded RGB LED driver
  • several 3 pin XLR cables, RJ45 cables, XLR plugs and sockets
    • Care required: several of the cables aren’t wired for the equipment; suspect they were wired for a custom project. Need to be adjusted
      • if RJ45 are wired as ethernet cables:
      • brown & brown/white => XLR Pin 1 (ground)
      • orange/white => XLR Pin 3 (Data +)
      • orange => XLR Pin 2 (Data -)

Software and PDF manuals uploaded to file server/infrastructure

Thoughts for a Stage Lighting and FX class:

  • cover DMX, ArtNet, sACN, midi
  • colorspaces
  • pixel walls
  • projection mapping

Care required though to stick to our goals: be the starting point, not a required gateway to doing your own projects…

Some thoughts:

  • OpenDMX ; looks like Arduino + Max485 chip = clone?
  • cover/also use Arduino + WS8812 or similar LED matrix

Software to look at: