BuilderBots Meetup - 2018-03-31

Topics for this meetup:

  • how do you 3D print an object? (Printing setup workflow) - thanks Michael for the idea!
  • let’s build a Spherebot!
    • let’s make our own version of an egg bot! (
    • using an Arduino, GShield, 2x nema 17 motors, and a servo
    • we’ll mostly design it live in Fusion 360 and cut the parts on the laser
    • (I think) we have all the parts needed on hand, but feel free to bring your own parts and build your own at the same time!


  • this session may go late, depending on how the Spherebot build goes

What else would you like to see/do/learn?

Can you go through the process for a sample & simple print (from Thingverse) or something to printing on the printer?


Sure thing!

As it happens I have a set of slides for a class on this topic that I’ve been drafting… we can run through that.