BuilderBots Meetup - 2018-03-17

Another great meetup!

Mike bought along some PCBs for… which is good timing for the next meetup being organized!

Paul bought along his Altered Carbon inspired jewelry that was printed using a castable resin and then cast in silver. He’s added a µController and LEDs. It’s amazing!

Terry did a demo of how you set up sand casting, and is going to help set up a small foundry and show us how to do aluminium casting.

Julian did a demo of the sheet metal and simulation features in Fusion360, and a very quick demo of Skanect for 3D scanning. (Note: must make sure phone and other devices are charged before meet ups! :wink: )

Next time: Vectric VCarve, CNC, foundry planning +…

Created a project page for the Metal Foundry.