Artemis @ CoVaCON

Artemis @ CoVaCON

MakeItZone will be hosting Artemis sessions at CoVaCON.

It will be available for the public to try as two individual ships, co-op, and competitive.

We are also hoping to have some celebrity crew battles!

Celebrity Teams

<add your group here, any crew time commitments, and Julian will figure out scheduling around the CoVaCON schedule.>


Goal is to be interesting, challenging, and done in ~15-20 minutes/game.

  • built in scenarios: level 2+, with monsters, anomalies, etc
  • separate sims, co-op, and competitive options
  • try to keep both ships on the same schedule! (Even if they’re running as separate servers.)


Each crew will have 5 stations available, covering the basics:

  • helm
  • science
  • engineering
  • weapons
  • communication

Experienced crews can double up stations, eg to include fighter(s).


CoVaCON is April 4 & 5, 2020.

Time Note Staff
Fri afternoon setup Julian + …
Fri evening debug & test Julian + …
Sat AM session 1 ?
Sat PM session 2 ?
Sun AM session 3 ?
Sun PM session 4 ?

Floor Plan

We will be in the Retro Gaming area, with approximately 20’x10’ of floor space.

Artemis Layout

Equipment List

Quantity Item Supplier Available Packed
2 ~40" Displays & Stands MakeItZone 1 available, 1 ordered
1 network router, with DHCP MakeItZone yes
2 5+ port ethernet switch MakeItZone ordered
12 3-5’ ethernet cables MakeItZone inventory check needed
2 5-10’ ethernet cables MakeItZone inventory check needed
2 10+’ ethernet cables MakeItZone inventory check needed
2 6+ port power strips MakeItZone 1 available, 1 ordered
2 4 port power strips MakeItZone available
4 extension power cables MakeItZone inventory check needed
12 PCs MakeItZone* Being worked on…
2 Speakers MakeItZone available
4 Controllers- optional MakeItZone available
2 station description/instruction sheets (from the Artemis Wiki) MakeItZone available
2 Tables Filberg/MakeItZone?
14 Crew & staff chairs Filberg/MakeItZone?
? Audience chairs Filberg/MakeItZone?

PCs: Thanks to donations, MakeItZone has 7 laptops available for one crew + main screens. Other crew could be our “octopus” terminal server, or borrowing laptops from a local computer club (TBD.)


MakeItZone has 2 non-steam bridge licenses. These will be used for the event.

Latest Artemis (2.75 at present.)

Running on Windows, or Linux.

Windows Notes

Win 10 has a bug with some video drivers, setting software rendering for DX9 (?- Artemis) games.

May need to use DxWnd to force hardware rendering for DX9.

Linux Notes

Easiest setup (so far):
Ubuntu, add Lutris, add Wine HQ.

Install WineHQ staging.

In Lutris, add latest Lutris Wine build.

Install Artemis base + latest update.

Initial resolution selection window may have hit-boxes on buttons offset; select full screen- game works correctly.

I couldn’t tell from the way the equipment list displays in my browser if you need a second 40" monitor, but if you do, I have one available

Thanks @clintd! Have a screen I can use, just not a stand. But they’re now quite cheap on Amazon…